Scabies Treatment

Stop the itch with OnPoint Urgent Care Houston’s scabies treatment. Our clinic provides immediate, effective care to eradicate scabies mites and soothe your skin.

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Scabies Treatment

Service Name: Scabies Treatment


Scabies is a highly contagious skin condition caused by mites that burrow into the skin, leading to intense itching and a pimple-like rash. OnPoint Urgent Care Houston offers thorough treatment for scabies, aimed at eradicating the mites and relieving symptoms.

Service Description:

At OnPoint Urgent Care Houston, we understand the discomfort and anxiety that come with a scabies infestation. Our medical professionals are proficient in diagnosing and treating scabies, providing effective medications and comprehensive advice to prevent re-infestation and spread to close contacts.

Symptoms and Indicators of Scabies:

Signs of scabies include:

  • Intense Itching: Typically worse at night.
  • Rash: Small blisters or bumps, often between the fingers, on the wrists, elbows, buttocks, or waistline.
  • Tracks: Thin, irregular burrow tracks made up of tiny blisters or bumps on the skin.

Comprehensive Treatment Approach:

  • Prescription Medications: Topical creams and lotions, such as permethrin or ivermectin, to eliminate the mites.
  • Oral Medications: In some cases, oral ivermectin may be prescribed.
  • Symptomatic Relief: Recommendations for soothing lotions and antihistamines to alleviate itching.
  • Environmental Measures: Guidance on cleaning and disinfecting personal items and surroundings to prevent the spread or recurrence of scabies.
  • Education and Prevention: Information on avoiding close physical contact and sharing of personal items until treatment is complete.

When to Seek Treatment for Scabies:

Medical attention is required if:

  • You suspect you or a family member has scabies.
  • There is severe itching and rash that does not improve with over-the-counter treatments.
  • Close contacts are also showing symptoms of scabies.

Importance of Professional Care:

Scabies will not go away without treatment. Professional medical intervention is crucial to completely eliminate the mites and prevent further spread. It is also important to treat close contacts to ensure complete eradication of the infestation.


At OnPoint Urgent Care Houston, we are dedicated to providing rapid and effective scabies treatment. Our team ensures that patients receive the necessary care to overcome this uncomfortable condition and return to their daily activities without the burden of persistent itching and skin irritation.

Your Health is Our Priority:

If you are dealing with the symptoms of scabies, visit OnPoint Urgent Care Houston at 3905 Richmond Avenue, Houston, Texas 77027. We offer expert care and treatment to help you and your family become scabies-free. Contact us at 832-810-3000 or visit for more information or to schedule an appointment.


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