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Complete Physical Exams at OnPoint Urgent Care Houston. Stay healthy with our comprehensive health assessments.

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Physical Examinations

Service Name: School Physical Examinations


Staying on top of your health with regular physical examinations is key to preventative healthcare. OnPoint Urgent Care Houston offers comprehensive physical exams that help you maintain optimal health and catch potential issues early.

Service Description:

Whether for school, work, sports, or your annual check-up, OnPoint Urgent Care Houston provides thorough physical examinations tailored to your specific needs. Our experienced healthcare providers ensure a detailed evaluation of your overall health.

Services Offered:

Our complete physical examination services encompass:

  • School physicals
  • Pre-employment physicals
  • Sports physicals

Detailed Examination Process:

  • Medical History Review: Assessing past and current health issues, medications, and family medical history.
  • Vital Signs Check: Monitoring blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate, and temperature.
  • Visual Exam: Checking for potential disease signs across the body.
  • Physical Assessment: Examining the heart, lungs, abdomen, skin, and neurological functions.
  • Laboratory Testing: If necessary, conducting blood or urine tests for a comprehensive health review.

When to Visit OnPoint Urgent Care Houston:

Schedule a physical examination at OnPoint Urgent Care Houston:

  • When enrolling in school, a sports team, or starting a new job that requires a physical.
  • As part of your annual preventive healthcare routine.
  • To comply with regulatory requirements such as for commercial driving licenses.

Why Regular Physicals are Crucial:

Regular health exams can detect problems before they become severe. Physicals are an opportunity for patients to discuss any concerns and receive health advice from professionals, fostering a proactive approach to health.


Your health deserves attention and care, and regular physical exams are a cornerstone of preventive healthcare. At OnPoint Urgent Care Houston, our medical team provides detailed physicals to ensure you are at your healthiest, now and in the future.

Your Health is Our Priority:

Book your physical examination today at OnPoint Urgent Care Houston located at 3905 Richmond Avenue, Houston, Texas 77027. Call us at 832-810-3000 or visit to schedule an appointment.

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