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Unanticipated skin changes can be concerning, especially when they manifest as rashes. At OnPoint Urgent Care, our dedicated professionals understand the multifaceted nature of skin rashes and offer specialized treatments to ensure the health and comfort of your skin.


  • Prompt Diagnosis: Efficiently identify the underlying causes of the rash for appropriate treatment.
  • Tailored Treatments: Customized care plans based on the type and severity of the rash.
  • Expert Consultation: Get advice from professionals to prevent recurrent outbreaks and maintain skin health.


  • Advanced Diagnostic Tools: State-of-the-art equipment to ensure accurate identification of rash types.
  • Comprehensive Care: Treatments ranging from topical applications to oral medications, catering to individual needs.
  • Follow-Up Support: Post-treatment guidance and care to monitor recovery and prevent complications.

Use Cases:

  • Allergic Reaction: A patient experiencing hives after consuming shellfish received immediate relief through antihistamines.
  • Infectious Rash: A child with chickenpox was treated with antiviral medications and soothing lotions to alleviate discomfort.
  • Autoimmune Rash: A patient with psoriasis benefited from tailored topical treatments and lifestyle advice.

Concluding Note:

Every rash tells a story - of an underlying allergy, infection, or health condition. At OnPoint Urgent Care in Houston, we listen to that story and respond with the best in dermatological care. Trust us for comprehensive rash diagnostics and treatments.




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