Pneumonia Treatment

Get expert care for pneumonia at OnPoint Urgent Care Houston. Our medical professionals provide effective treatments, including antibiotics and supportive care, tailored to combat pneumonia and promote a swift recovery.

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Pneumonia Treatment

Service Name: Pneumonia Treatment


Pneumonia is a serious respiratory condition characterized by the inflammation of the lungs, often caused by an infection. At OnPoint Urgent Care Houston, we provide comprehensive treatment for pneumonia, aimed at clearing the infection, relieving symptoms, and preventing complications.

Service Description:

Our medical team at OnPoint Urgent Care Houston is experienced in treating pneumonia in patients of all ages. We understand the importance of prompt and effective care in managing this condition and are equipped to offer personalized treatments based on the severity and type of pneumonia.

Symptoms and Potential Causes:

  • Symptoms: Common symptoms include cough (with phlegm or pus), fever, chills, shortness of breath, chest pain, and fatigue.
  • Causes: Pneumonia can be caused by a variety of organisms, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It can develop on its own or after a cold or flu.

Comprehensive Treatment Approach:

  • Medical Evaluation: Includes a physical exam, listening to the lungs, and possibly a chest X-ray to confirm the diagnosis.
  • Medication Prescriptions:
  • Antibiotics for bacterial pneumonia.
  • Antiviral drugs for viral pneumonia, if necessary.
  • Fever reducers and pain relievers to manage symptoms.
  • Supportive Care: Recommendations for rest, hydration, and nutrition to support recovery.
  • Oxygen Therapy: For patients experiencing difficulty breathing.
  • Follow-Up Care: Monitoring to ensure the infection clears and to prevent secondary complications.

When to Seek Medical Attention:

  • If experiencing symptoms of pneumonia, particularly if you have underlying health conditions or are elderly.
  • If symptoms worsen or do not improve with initial treatment.
  • If experiencing severe symptoms, such as difficulty breathing or chest pain.

Importance of Professional Care:

Pneumonia can be life-threatening, especially for certain populations. Professional medical care is crucial for a proper diagnosis and to receive appropriate treatment, especially since pneumonia can mimic other respiratory conditions.


At OnPoint Urgent Care Houston, we are committed to providing effective and compassionate care for patients with pneumonia. Our goal is to ensure a full recovery, managing immediate symptoms and safeguarding against long-term impacts on lung health.

Your Health is Our Priority:

For professional care in treating pneumonia, visit OnPoint Urgent Care Houston at 3905 Richmond Avenue, Houston, Texas 77027. Call us at 832-810-3000 or visit to schedule an appointment and receive the best possible care for your respiratory health.


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